Spray Park 101

Spray Park Elements

Every spray park project is made up of a number of different parts and systems in addition to the play equipment itself. All of these need to be considered together to make your spray park a success.

1. Water Play Products

This is the one of two major components of the overall of your water play installation and what the users of the spray park interact with and see first.

These need to be selected keeping in mind the purpose of your specific spray park taking into account location things like expected number of users, location, budget, staffing, and utilities

2. Water Management

Water management systems are the second major component of any installation, one that can vary greatly. Flow through systems, where the water comes from a municipal water system and then returned to a municipal treatment system, are the least expensive and simple to operate. A high capacity recirculation system, on the other hand use less water but can add complexity and cost to the project but are the right choice for many projects.

3. Concrete Deck

In addition to providing a structural base for the water play products, the textured, brushed surface of the concrete is a key component of nonslip surfacing.

4. Surfacing

Surfacing options range from non-slip paint or rubberized coatings to pigmented concrete, where the color is an integral part of the concrete itself, with some variation in the cost.

5. Installation

The principle installation crew is responsible for installing the water play products and water management system.

This includes:

  • Setting & Leveling features
  • Piping of all water play products
  • Connecting to the appropriate water management system prior to the concrete being poured
  • Excavation / grading
  • Water, Sewer and Electrical Connections

6. Design Services

Locating and fitting the spray park into the existing landscaping and utilities can be a challenge. Professionals that can assist with landscape architecture and engineering are often needed to assist with tasks.

7. Infrastructure

The spray park must be connecting to the water supply, sanitary sewer and be provided electricity to operate the equipment. The location and availability of these services need to be determined and then considered when making the selection of the type and size of spray park you will want to build.

8. Other Amenities

Depending on location, capacity and climate, park planning may consider amenities like shading, benches, seat walls, picnic tables, restrooms and parking.

9. Operation

The spray park will need to be operated and taken cared of for the life of the installation. Someone will need to be responsible for items such as maintenance, energy, administration, monitoring, and operating the park.


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