Splash Pad Equipment

Our spray park, or splash pad, equipment is ideal for designing dynamic aquatic play areas that create a wide variety of experiences for the patrons. This is achieved by selecting a variety of spray features and with careful planning of the spray park layout.

For layout we look to provide an area for younger children using features that are lower to the ground and use water flows that are soft, constant and appealing for a young child learning to interact with water. We also look to provide areas with higher energy water that are more suitable for older or more adventurous children. Water in this area can be jetting, spraying or dumping and may be manipulated and directed by the children.

When we select the features for a spray park our goal is to create a variety of play experiences. Some of these experiences are spraying, flowing, misting, splashing and jetting  but also things like tactile, kinetic, iconic, circuit, and sensory. We think about these things when planning a spray park and the spray park designers with Vortex are experts in recommending a mix of features to achieve this goal.

Learning With Water Play

We always intend for our spray parks to be fun and refreshing on a hot summer day, but there are numerous other benefits to having a splash pad in your community or outdoor space. A few of these benefits include physical, social, sensory and cognitive benefits for anyone using the spray park making it an outdoor classroom for you child. 

Splash Pad Equipment Options

The Vortex splash pad product line provides a very large range of beautifully designed features that are made to last in a commercial environment. Selecting the right mix can be overwhelming and but there are a couple ways to get started.

We have some INSPIRATION spray parks designed, look at these and see if one resonates with your spray park vision and we can start with it and design something unique for your project.

Or, maybe you have a couple features that you really MUST have on your spray park. We can start with those and then pick complementary features to fill out the design.

See the complete line of Vortex Spray Features 

Selecting Spray Features for your Spray Park

There are a wide range of features available to add to your spray park, a few of the types are:

Dumping Water

Loops & Arches

Iconic Features

Laminar Flows

Spray Cannons


Toddler Features

Ground Sprays

Interactive Features

Flow Play features


Contact us if you are just starting your project. We provide grant writing services, educational presentations, preliminary designs, project budget estimates and site evaluations that will make the planning and fundraising process much easier.

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