Safety Surfacing

While falls do happen, serious injuries can be prevented with appropriate safety surfacing. There are many different options for playground safety surfacing and the decision depends on budget, accessibility, aesthetics, durability and maintenance requirements.

We can help you to determine what makes sense for your project.

Accessible Playground Surfacing

TrueTop Poured in Place Rubber

  • TrueTop is quickly becoming one of the most popular products for use where accessibility is desired. TrueTop rubber surfaces are generally considered the most accessible surface for children with mobility devices, and is low maintenance and is frequently subsidized by grants for its recycled material content and by organizations looking to improve our public spaces by removing barriers to access.

Woodcarpet Engineered Wood Fibre

  • When it comes to fall heights, Woodcarpet is the highest rated surfacing of any safety surfacing for playgrounds. With the advantages of low maintenance and high sustainability, this natural product has become one of the most popular protective surfaces currently in use.

Traditional Playground Surfaces

In many instances sand and pea gravel are still the preferred safety surfacing for playgrounds. While these products vary considerably from location to location, we can help you source these products from local suppliers that meet the required safety specifications.


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