Playground Equipment

Inclusive Playgrounds

Inclusive play is all about making sure ALL kids have equal access to participate on the playground, regardless of ability, age, or skill level. By offering a wide variety of play opportunities we can achieve this goal. 

Fitness Playgrounds

Fitness playgrounds challenge young bodies while providing all the fun expected of a traditional playground. 

Natural Playgrounds

We bring back natural elements to our playgrounds by including logs, rocks, stumps, critters, tree houses and even fossils. Kids can even try rock climbing on a variety of boulder configurations. 

Freestanding Play and Climbing Rocks

Kids will always be kids, and play adventure for them will always include swinging, swaying, sliding, climbing, spinning, teetering and tottering! That’s why Burke’s Freestanding Basics remain so popular, but that doesn’t mean we’ve given up Reinventing Play™. We are constantly spinning up fresh ideas from classic concepts, producing innovative and exciting products that kids will love. All of Burke’s Freestanding Basics incorporate the creativity, quality, value and sense of fun that you’ll find throughout our entire product line. You’ll never go wrong blending these favorite, time-honored elements into your own unique playground design!

Climbing Nets

Climbing nets are a fun way to get kids active on the playground. These challenging systems allow kids to test their strength, or just hang out in the net structure. These pieces can be combined with larger structures or be used as stand-alone events.


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